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Magazine Art: Bicycles & Motorcycles

Bicycles became vastly popular in the late 19th century and paved the way (sorry!) for automobiles by creating a population that wanted good, smooth, hard-surfaced roads and plenty of them. Motorcycles were an adaption that combined the best and worst of the two. And then there were motorbikes, and scooters, and any motorized conveyance that could spring full-blown from the head of the American backyard inventor.

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Magazine Art: Motorcycles
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I'll bet she's hot in town, Bill. I'm gladn I ain't one of those wilted collar guys cooped up in the city this month. Let's go camping with a Harley. Published in the August, 1921 issue SCIENCE AND INVENTION. Artist: Source: Magazine collector Steve Davis Restoration by: magscanner
Topics: Advertising Art in Magazines, Bicycles and Motorcycles, Motorcycles, speed, mobility, flexibility,...
Magazine Art: Motorcycles
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All roads like alike to the Excelsior: San, mud, cobblestones -- up hill or down -- every road is easy to the Excelsior rider. Its Kumfort Kushion...and there we lost the thread. Nice picture, too many words. You can ride it even in your business clothes. From the April 20, 1912 issue of the SATURDAY EVENING POST. Source: Mariangela Buch Restoration by: Mariangela Buch
Topics: Advertising Art in Magazines, Bicycles and Motorcycles, Motorcycles, motorcycle, motorbike, clean